Good News, A Walk-In COVID-19 Testing Clinic Opening In Montreal


With efforts to keep our city and residents safe at Trylon, we thought it was important to share this important news. Recently, with the reopening of bars in July, some public health officials have asked that those people be tested for COVID-19.

Montreal’s response was to open COVID-19 testing clinics which is really awesome. It will help contain the virus more to keep our city safe from a second wave.

A new testing clinic has now opened near Outremont in the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest. They announced it in a Facebook post on their Facebook page and we are truly excited to share the news. It’s a good step towards keeping our city safe.

The clinic will open today to welcome as many visitors as possible between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. according to Santé Montréal. The clinic will be located on 544, avenue Davaar in Outremont.

If you are looking for other COVID-19 clinics in Montreal, we recommend you take a look at this amazing page from Santé Montréal with all the information you’ll ever need!

What’s next?

Montreal & Canada are doing an amazing job to control the pandemic. We are considered a low-risk country and we truly hope this continues. It’s why we encourage all our residents to keep practicing social distancing and great hygiene to stop the spread.

We hope you are doing well! To make sure you are still having a great time, we are continuing to write articles about activities that are opened even with the current situation. We’ve decided to link two here for you to enjoy!

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