Final Verdict: Quebec Keeps Bars Opened
COVID-19 bars quebec


Last Thursday, public health officials started to ponder the question of keeping bars open since a lot of new COVID-19 bars emerged inside new bars. Premier François Legault took the matter seriously to discuss the decision further.

The verdict: bars remain open but Legault reminds us that it’s fun to be in big gang but it’s not the time to do that.

The government decided not to close bars in the province, said Legault in a press conference on Friday.

The public health authorities analyzed the data a bit more and realized that most of the new cases were caused by private gatherings, new testing facilities and infections in the health care network. Thus, the bars were not the cause of new COVID-19 cases.

We’ve had over 141 new cases on COVID-19 reported on Friday and 97 of those came from the health care sector. Private gatherings are also pretty dangerous when it comes to creating new cases. Residents should limit their events to 10 people (even when doing a barbecue or going to the beach).

Be careful, officers can still go in bars (and other places) to make sure people respect social distancing.