4 Organic Gardens to Visit in Montreal


Organic gardens are becoming more and more popular in cities, allowing locals to source local produce. Besides, it is possible to make one at home if you wish. If you are lacking in inspiration, you can visit these few gardens in Montreal, and some of these gardens open to the public hold various events. Here are the 4 urban gardens of Montreal open to the public.

1- Ferme Lufa

Ferme Lufa is located in Saint-Laurent and this garden regularly offers open doors. Thus, you will be able to visit for free the underworld of responsible and local agriculture and appreciate the vast spaces. Tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, you can even leave with local products.

ferme lufa

2- IGA Famille Duchemin

Located in Montreal, this supermarket has a rather special peculiarity of its kind. The roof of this grocery store houses the largest organic vegetable garden in the country. It is not uncommon for the supermarket to organize events and competitions to make people more aware of its organic garden. Obviously, apart from these events, you can go and visit this large garden for free.

iga famille duchemin

3- Jardin des Anges

This organic farm is located in Laval and grows all kinds of vegetables and various fruits. But that’s not all, the Garden of the Angels raises cattle and makes bread and milk. You’ll be spoiled for choice in your grocery store. On top of that everything comes from organic and responsible agriculture. Order your basket online or visit them, it’s free!

jardin des anges

4- La Ferme des Quatre-temps

This farm serving many outlets in Montreal is based on so-called agro-ecological agriculture. The goal of this farm is to offer an ecological and responsible agro-food model. You can order your baskets online or go to the points of sale served by the Farm.

ferme des quatre temps

To finish…

Local agriculture is increasingly expanding in cities, this is a great initiative for many reasons including organic and eco-responsible farming. If you have a space to grow vegetables or fruits, we strongly invite you to visit these sites.

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