5 Green Streets in Montreal to go For a Walk


Montreal in the summer is a completely different city from Montreal in the winter, the activities and landscapes change drastically. With this summer weather, abandoning the car and public transportation and favoring walking and cycling is a great idea, especially when Montreal has very pretty little green streets to walk around. Here are 5 green streets in Montreal to walk around.

1- 5e avenue – 6e avenue – Dandurand – Holt

These pretty little alleys where cars are proscribed offer a quiet little corner full of life. Take a walk in the greenery and stop to swing on the lane swing.

rue dandurand

2- Modigliani Street

This pretty little street is an artist’s lane. While strolling, you will appreciate the pretty walls covered with beautiful murals and graffiti. You will not be at the end of your surprises, beautiful sunflowers sport this pretty street.

ruelle modigliani

3- L’Échappée Belle Street

This 363 meter long lane makes this the longest green lane in Montreal. In addition to that, it is a very lively street, in summer enjoy the frescoes painted on the ground while in autumn discover the alleyway alive with sandstone Halloween. The street is lush and has more than sixty trees and more than 160 shrubs.

ruelle l'échappée belle

4- Gordon et Rielle Street

In this green alleyway you can find all kinds of inhabitants, including insects. Indeed, the alley shelters an insect hotel that you can go to see. The aisle is bordered by numerous flowers, each one as beautiful as the other. Visit their Facebook page to find out more.

ruelle gordon

5- Demers Street

This Montreal street has another peculiarity than being only a green street. It houses an ancestral home. Visit this street and admire the beauty of the place, you will see a small mill, a well, a small bridge and many exotic plants.

To finish…

Montreal is full of charming places to visit that you never knew existed. Stroll through these green alleys of Montreal and take the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of these green spaces where calm reigns. Do not hesitate to visit Trylon if you are looking for cozy and all-inclusive apartments in Montreal.