Things To Do In Montreal For 2020 & Beyond


In need of things to do in Montreal? We got you covered with an entire list of activities constantly updated.

Have you considered travelling to Montreal? If yes, we understand.

It’s an awesome city that everybody should visit at least once in their life.

The best bagels in the world, an amazing array of high-quality restaurants, memorable festivals and much more.

There are tons of things to do in this city, enough for people to never get bored and tourists to never want to leave.

Just take a look at this view from the Mont-Royal… Isn’t it exquisite?

Mont-Royal August Montreal

At Trylon, we aim to make our customers’ stay one of the best. It’s why we make a constant effort to find new activities that our guests could love.

Without further due, here’s a list of all the activities we found throughout the past years to help out.

All seasons:



We know that finding activities while travelling can be a very long and tedious task. Especially, when you need to go on multiple websites, open an infinite amount of tabs.

We hope that this page will be your reference in the future to make the process of finding an activity as easy as possible.

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We wish you the best stay possible and hope to see you in the future!