Strawberry Picking Spots Around Montreal


Wondering where you should go strawberry picking not far from Montreal? We made a list with everything you need to know.

Strawberries are simply delicious. A fresh, sweet, yet bitter taste surrounded by vibrant red-it’s hard to resist the temptation.

Apart from being a fruit associated with sensuality, strawberries are not often thought of as a fruit you can go pick yourself.

Most people think you can only go pick apples, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you love strawberries, then you can go harvest them yourself.

Here’s a list of 8 amazing spots around Montreal to try out this summertime activity…

#1 – The Berries & Blooms Festival

Beamsville District Secondary School 4317 Central Ave, Beamsville, ON

Berries & Bloom Strawberry Picking

For over 40 years, the PickYourOwn organization has hosted this awesome festival. If you love strawberry picking, this place is a must.

We are sure you’ll find fresh & organic strawberries that will satisfy your taste!

#2 – Les Fraises Louis Hébert

978 4 Lignes Saint-Blais J0J 2E0

Les Fraises Louis Hébert Strawberry Picking

This amazing farm offers a variety of different strawberries for people who like strawberry picking: Sable, Kent, Clé des champs, Chambly, Glooscap, Jewel and Bounty.

If you want to take your strawberry picking experience to another level, we recommend this spot.

#3 – Ferme Roland Cloutier

855 Chemin Fresnière, Saint-Eustache

Ferme de Roland Cloutier

If you’ve missed the high strawberry picking season, you are saved. Ferme Roland Cloutier offers strawberry picking from June until September.

Don’t worry, their strawberries are still some of the most delicious you’ll ever taste because nothing beats fresh, local strawberries.

#4 – La Fraisière RouGI

1525, route 235, Sainte-Sabine (Québec)

Fraisiere RouGI Strawberry Picking

La fraisière RouGI has delicious and colourful strawberries, just like in the picture. Their season starts on June 24th and ends on July 10th, so make sure you grab your baskets and head out there before it’s too late.

#5 – Anse Au Sable

2565 Boulevard Perrot, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot

Anse Au Sable Strawberry Picking

This stunning strawberry picking spot is not too far from Montreal and has some incredibly fresh strawberries. What’s more? They also sell amazing organic products that you probably can’t find anywhere else.

#6 – FraiseBec

420, rang Lepage Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines

This is probably the best spot to go strawberry picking around Montreal. Why? Well, it’s only 30 minutes away, and they are the industry leader in terms of strawberries.

#7 – Verger De La Savane

8000 Chemin De La Savane, Saint-Hubert

Verger de la savane

Verger de la Savane is a cute spot not too far from Montreal. You can come anytime for your annual strawberry picking during the high season which is between end of June to beginning of July. Enjoy!

#8 – La Ferme Quinn

2495 Boulevard Perrot, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot

La ferme Quinn

If you feel compelled to go strawberry picking, we truly recommend “La Ferme Quinn”. They have some of the most delicious and organic strawberries you can find on the market.

They are open from June to July-make sure you don’t miss your chance! Admission only costs $5.

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Happy strawberry picking!