Get Inspired by The Trendiest Decor Styles
trendiest decor styles boho-chic


Trylon gives you sources of inspiration by presenting you its favorites among the current trendiest decor styles of the moment. Because admit it, the best thing after moving into your dream apartment is decorating it!

Moving is never easy, but getting an interior designer to decorate your space afterwards is a whole other ballgame. Not sure where to start? Let Trylon show you his favorites of the current trendiest decor styles.

1. Get inspired by… The Boho-Chic style.

The Boho-Chic style is typically characterized by looser rules and a more free-spirited approach to decor. Textures, colors, patterns as well as materials are superimposed, resulting in an eclectic vibe that’s unique to each apartment. Finally, plants are omnipresent and jewel tones, natural materials as well as knick-knacks of all kinds are particularly favored.

2. Get inspired by… The Mediterranean style.

The Mediterranean style is simple and romantic. Each room’s decor is built around a neutral palette that can be found in nature, such as hazelnut, seafoam green and cream. In addition, the furniture is simple and sturdy, and the decoration is sparse save for a few plants and unpretentious art pieces. It leaves the apartment feeling bright, relaxing and almost giving the impression of being on vacation.

3. Country House

The Country House style ambiance is cozy and inviting. It draws its inspiration from traditional cabins, farms and barns to give a rustic feel to any apartment. Furhermore, this style focuses on natural materials like wood and iron, relies on a warm color palette and keeps the apartment in a preferred state of “organized clutter”.

4. Industrial

The Industrial style is inspired by factories and other industrial places. Its decor is based on the “exposed” elements of a room such as ceiling pipes, brick walls and stainless steel appliances. Luxurious textures, subdued neutral colors and muted ambient lighting softens up the atmosphere to create a welcoming apartment in all its modernity.

5. Bauhaus

Inspired by the 1920s, the Bauhaus style is characterized by its clean lines, minimal decorations and elegant surfaces. The color palette is neutral with a few “pop” of vibrant colors, and the materials are modern. What’s more, when you choose this type of decor for your apartment, the best of the vintage blends in perfectly with the avant-garde. This creates a refined and timeless space.