Bagels in Montreal: Everything There is to Know


Looking for the best bagels in Montreal? We made a list with everything you need to know.

Montreal is a paradise for good food enthusiasts in North America. The culinary varieties are almost endless. This is what makes Montreal a must-see gastronomic destination.

Like London has its famous fish and chips, Montreal has its famous bagels.

Being an extremely multicultural city, Montreal specialties were founded by the different cultures implanted in the metropolis. The bagels come from Jewish immigrants of Poland and Eastern Europe.

This is why we have put together a list of the best places where you could enjoy the famous Montreal bagel.

#1 – St-Viateur Bagel

263, rue Saint-Viateur O.

Bagels Montreal St-Viateur

A must! Their bakery in the heart of the Mile-End, established since 1957, will offer you a wide variety of fresh bagels that just came out of the oven. On top of that, their “flagship store” as they call it, is open 24/7. How can you resist?

#2 – Fairmount Bagel

74 Avenue Fairmount O

Fairmount Bagels Montreal

The second-star bagel bakery in Montreal! Very close to that of St-Viateur and probably the oldest in the city (1919).

Besides, a great debate has existed for years between the bakery of St-Viateur and that of Fairmount around the question: Which one is the best?

Our advice? Test for yourself.

#3 – Real Bagel

4940, Chemin Queen Mary

Real Bagel Montreal

Did you know that in this bakery they serve bagels in miniature format? Don’t worry, they also sell bagels in normal sizes, fresh and crisp.

And if you are a fan of varieties, you will not be disappointed, Real Bagel offers bagels with coconut and oreos.

#4 – Bagel Etc.

4320, Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Bagel Etc. Montreal

Brunch with bagels? It’s possible at Bagels Etc.

Think of your favourite brunch, Benedictine eggs with creamy hollandaise sauce on a bagel. It’s true paradise isn’t it?

#5 – Bagel On Greene

4160, rue Sainte-Catherine

Bagel On Greene

A popular place in town to enjoy a good bagel with a special flavour, being beautiful.

Tasty, fresh and chewy, these bagels can be served with your favourite toppings.

A completely personalized bagel just for you. In addition, they serve many other dishes if you don’t like bagels (which is not humanly possible in our opinion).


We hope this list will truly help you discover the best bagels in town so you can find your favourite bagel spot in Montreal.

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