How to Keep Your Pet Active Indoors


Living in an apartment does not mean your pet has to sacrifice an energetic and engaging lifestyle. As we at Trylon understand the importance of looking after your animal’s health, here are our tips and tricks to keep your furry friend active indoors.

Having a fur buddy and living in an apartment can be quite the challenge, both for you and the animal you live with. Although pets don’t demand that much, they do need sufficient training and movement to stay fit. 

In this article, Trylon shares its recommendations on how to keep your pet active indoors.

Create an environment that stimulates activity

Assessing the use of space in your apartment is the easiest thing you can do to keep your animal companion in excellent physical health. 

Start with designating corners for your pet’s different needs. This will create an environment in which your furry friend’s natural instincts and activity are stimulated. For instance, you can clear a space with their food and water bowls and allocate another place to their bed. Don’t forget their playing area! This is also an important component in how to keep your pet active indoors.

Not only does getting the most out of your Trylon home make your pet happier, but having everything in place makes humans feel more calm as well. Moreover, structure will help the animal you cherish to better understand where they can burn off energy and play without limits.

Stimulate your pet with interactive toys

Engaging toys and puzzles are the perfect way to arouse your furry partner’s curiosity and mental agility. We can guarantee you that your beloved companion will be entertained for hours and that they will be stimulated mentally. 

You should preferably look for problem-solving or treat-dispensing toys, so your animal friend has to put in effort to solve the puzzle or receive the treat. It is never a bad idea to challenge your pet to be mentally sharp and creative!

Whether you play hide and seek or toss balls, we can guarantee that the bond between you and your four-legged friend will be strengthened. As an extra, your pet will be entertained and is staying active thanks to your course.

Plan moments of indoor exercise

Even if your apartment doesn’t have a backyard, you can still train your pet inside of your Trylon apartment. Indoor exercise can be planned at any moment of the day and is easy to carry out. We recommend using YouTube to find inspiration or simply google tricks to teach your furry friend new tricks.  

We can hear you thinking that playing fetch is the only option, and that perhaps this is only possible with a dog. The answer is no to both concerns – all you really need is creativity and inspiration! 

You can easily challenge your pet by setting up your own indoor agility course by using blankets, cardboard boxes, and pillows to create a trail. The intention is to guide your animal through the tunnels using treats or toys. That is an effective way to keep your pet active indoors.

Schedule daily playtime

Just like humans have the need to unwind on a daily basis, it is necessary for animals to let off steam. The best way to do so is through playing and being active. Make sure your pet is living its best life and get them moving – that is the key message here. 

Regardless of how busy you are, set up a schedule that integrates daily playtime for you and your animal comrade. The minimum time you should set aside for a playful time-out depends on the animal’s species, age, and individual needs. 

If you are unsure about the right requirements of your pet, we recommend consulting your vet to determine the appropriate exercise and playtime for your specific companion. 

Encourage socialisation with other pets

Animals should never be isolated, so make sure your pet has sufficient opportunities to socialise with peers. Social binding is important to learn proper behavior and develop positive connections with other animals.

Organise playdates with friends, join online pet meetup groups, or simply visit animal-friendly establishments. The good news about your pet socialising with other animals is that it gives you the chance to meet new people. 

In other words, social contact is beneficial for both you and your pet. It stimulates your mental health, reduces stress, and enhances social skills. Don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental health – and the same goes for your pet!

With our tips and tricks in your pocket, you now know how to keep your pet active indoors and what to take into account when doing so. We hope you’ll enjoy spending time bonding with your favourite furry friend!