A Guide to Montreal’s Best Neighbourhoods
Montreal's best neighbourhood


Now that the days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter, it is time to go out and explore Montreal’s neighbourhoods. Although you may be familiar with some blocks on the list, a little appreciation for the top-notch spots never hurt anybody.

The beauty of Montreal lies without a doubt in its diversity. That not only goes for its people, but also for its vicinities. In this article, Trylon talks about the Montreal’s best neighbourhoods in town and what they have to offer in terms of activities.


First things first, downtown Montreal is the ideal location if you are not sure what you want to do in terms of activities. The main advantage of this area is that no matter where you go, you are close to everything and it is easy to move around through the city thanks to the public transport’s connectivity.

In terms of activities, downtown provides you with a great variety of options. If you like shopping, take the time to stroll down Saint-Catherine Street and to go down the Underground City. History and art lovers shouldn’t be worried either, as there is sufficient choice in museums to drop by.

If you are in the mood for a night out in downtown Montreal, make sure to find your way to Place des Arts for a cultural enrichment. There is always something to see, no matter the season or weather. Finally, food halls such as Time Out Market are the perfect candidate to show you the best of Montreal’s food scene.

Old Montreal

If you are keen about history, Old Montreal is the place to be for you. This neighbourhood can be described as the heart of the city, both because of its cultural abundance as well as its attractions. One could also state that it perfectly combines the charming and picturesque streets with a twist of modernism.

Although there are always crowds of tourists in this area, it also has a lot of potential for Trylon residents. This classic spot is often said to reflect European vibes, which is completely true. 

Some of the best museums of Montreal can be found in Old Montreal: Château Ramezay and Pointe-à-Callière. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Notre-Dame Basilica either. If you feel the need to relax, visit the Bota Bota Spa, which is known for its magnificent view. 

With that being said, we can also recommend going on a boat tour on the St. Lawrence River. On a gastronomical level, there are some must-see spots as well. To only name one, the famous smoked meat sandwiches can be found at Schwartz’s Deli.


The Plateau-Mont Royal District is an all-time favourite among the public for many reasons. In general, it is the perfect fit for those that have an artsy and bohemian lifestyle. This part of the city is known for its enchanting streets, local boutiques, bakeries, art scenery, and so much more. 

If you are someone that likes taking pictures and pays a lot of attention to aesthetic and pleasing scenery, this neighbourhood definitely needs to be on your list. It will offer you hours of fun strolling down the streets and discovering the Plateau’s hidden gems.

Also, if you feel like you need a break and want to relax in nature, there are plenty of possibilities. One of them is the well-known Lafontaine Park, but believe us when we say that there is so much more.


Mile-End is recognized as the neighbourhood of creativity and its reputation is internationally renowned. This district is very similar to the Plateau in its vibes, but it’s a bit edgier and less mainstream. If you are in the mood for having a coffee on a cute terrace, your go-to spot is Mile-End, where you have plenty of options to choose from.

If you are looking for Instagrammable hotspots, you’ll find many in this borough. So, don’t be shy to take out your phone when paying the Mile End a visit. You’ll have fun guaranteed.

Little Italy

Just like the name says, this district gives you the chance to be in Italy without even stepping on a plane. Unique, right? That very same thought will pop up in your mind as you walk through Little Italy’s streets.

To begin with, this neighbourhood is home to the popular Jean-Talon Market, on which you can rely on fresh groceries, smoothies, and so much more. The best of it all is that everything that is sold at Jean Talon Market is fresh, which is proven by the fact of local farmers being present behind their stands.

Canal Districts

Last, but definitely not least, we are obliged to mention the neighbourhoods next to Lachine Canal – mainly focusing on Little Burgundy, Griffintown, and Saint-Henri.

These three districts are known for green spaces and architecture. They give you the opportunity to be out of the city while still being in the city, The main highlight here is the Lachine Canal – the perfect place to get physical.

Whether that entails renting a kayak or canoe, going on a bike ride, or simply walking by the canal, you will for sure get some of the best views and fresh air that Montreal has to offer. 

If you feel like none of that is for you, be assured: there is more than only the Canal. For example, you can walk around Atwater Market and see what you can find in its colourful stalls.

So here you go with our list of favorite neighborhoods in Montreal. Which one will you visit first? And which one will be your favorite? You tell us. Enjoy your urban exploration!