6 Lease-friendly Apartment Decorating Hacks


Keep your security deposit intact with these 6 lease-friendly decorating ideas

Your Trylon apartment should feel like home. But if your idea of home isn’t sleek white walls and wooden floors then here are 6 decorating hacks that will inject some colour and personality into your space while keeping your security deposit safe.

1. Command Strips

If you want paintings and photographs covering every vertical surface (or even just one big one above the sofa), you need command hooks.

With a variety of options supporting different weights, you can hang almost anything without a nail in sight. What’s more, they remove cleanly so there’s no panic-filling of holes if you decide to leave!

2. Embrace the lean

Add more storage (or surfaces for accessorising) with free standing furniture like these shelves above.

Mirrors and pictures look great leaned as well and can be grouped together to create interesting focal points without damaging your walls if you don’t trust hack #1!

3. Work on your green thumb

As far as hacks go, this might be our favourite. Houseplants (both real and fake) are an easy way to bring life into your apartment, adding an injection of colour and texture. But before you reach for the plastic ones, consider the health benefits that real plants can provide.

Scientifically proven to improve air quality, reduce stress and increase productivity, now is the time to nurture that green thumb. Check out this guide to the 7 best houseplants for beginners to get you started.

4. Rugs, Rugs, Rugs

Add warmth and texture to your space by laying down a rug (or two). A low maintenance way to add colour to your floors, they’ll also deaden the noise of your next dance party so your downstairs neighbours don’t complain! They’re a win-win.

5. Add Mood Lighting

Set the mood for your next movie night or romantic dinner by bringing in alternative lighting sources to customise your light levels. String lights aren’t just for the holidays…

P.S. We think the light fixtures in our apartments are great, but if they’re not your style you can swap the shades out for something you love (as long as you don’t need to add more holes!). Just make sure to hang on to ours and put them back if you decide to leave.

6. Accessorize

Think cushions, throws, books, plants, candles, knick-knacks – stuff! Add colour and personality with objects, even if they’re not necessarily practical. If you’re ultra-minimalist then this is not the hack for you.

*Bonus Practical Hack*

Use furniture pads on the bottom of legs to protect your floor from scratches.

If these design hacks have got you feeling inspired then enquire about one of our unique apartments today!