Downtown Montreal’s Best Coffee Shops


Life’s too short to drink bad coffee, which is why none of the coffee shops on this best-of list slips below a 4.5 rating. It might be high standards but you deserve it ?

Café Nocturne

4.6 ⭐️ – 19 Prince Arthur St W
coffe shop: café nocturne

Popular with students and remote-workers, Café Nocturne is your go-to socially conscious café in Montreal. Dedicated to sourcing local, organic and sustainable products, customers rave about the quality of their lattes. With solid reviews and a classic modern coffee shop vibe, Café Nocturne could become your new local.

Don’t forget to try the butter croissants – one reviewer said they’re the best they’ve ever had!

Open 8am-4pm Monday to Friday & 8am-5pm Weekends
Saint-Famille – 5 minute walk // Pine Avenue – 27 minute walk

Pikolo Espresso Bar

4.5 ⭐️ – 3418b Park Ave

Serving single-origin coffee from Canadian roasters and local homemade pastries, Pikolo Espresso Bar is one of the popular third-wave coffee shops to hit the city.

Building on the famous Australian coffee culture, owner Marie-Eve Laroche has wisely decided to add indoor seating since year-round sunshine isn’t guaranteed north of the Equator! With a snug, retro-industrial vibe and coffee in it’s purest form, Pikolo is the place for caffeine aficionados and those with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Open 8am-4pm Monday to Friday & 9am-4pm Weekends
Saint-Famille – 4 minute walk // Pine Avenue – 25 minute walk

La Finca Coffee & Local Market

4.7 ⭐️ – 1067 Rue de Bleury

For those looking to grab a warm drink, La Finca’s range of speciality coffees and traditional homemade pastries can’t be beaten. The breakfast danish is ?.

There’s even a local market out the back selling a range of local artisan products and everyday products, including a great selection of microbrews and natural wines. With the option to host private events outside of trading hours and a full catering and bar service, this coffee shop has it all.

Open 8:30am-4pm Everyday
Saint-Famille – 16 minute walk // Pine Avenue – 35 minute walk

Café Aunja

4.5 ⭐️ – 1448 Sherbrooke St W

For an alternative to traditional coffee shops head to the Iranian café and tea house, Café Aunja. You’ll still find a great selection of coffee but you’ll fall in love with their speciality teas, tisanes, cold drinks and pastries. There’s even a section for you to make your own tea blend!

With a welcoming atmosphere and live music events, it’s the perfect place to hang out, get some work done and party the night away.

Open 10am-10pm Everyday
Saint-Famille – 21 minute walk // Pine Avenue – 9 minute walk

Pigeon Espresso Bar

4.6 ⭐️ – 1392 Boulevard de Maisonnueve
pigeon coffee shops

Selling the ‘worlds worst coffee’ because everyone has the best, Pigeon Espresso Bar is the smaller sister site to the popular Pigeon Cafe. Offering artisan coffee, kombucha on tap and a selection of pastries don’t expect to linger too long as there’s limited counter and sidewalk seating available.

Perfect for grabbing a cup on the go, with a solid 4.6 rating on Google maybe the coffee isn’t so bad after all…

Open 7am-7pm Tuesday to Friday & 9am-7pm Weekends (closed Mondays)
Saint-Famille – 23 minute walk // Pine Avenue – 13 PA


4.6 ⭐️ – 1206 Stanley St
coffee shops : melk

With a range of speciality drinks and impressive latte art it’s no surprise MELK has two locations in the city. Selling organic coffee in compostable bags for a DIY drink, its inviting atmosphere makes it popular with the work/study crowd.

If you find yourself on Monkland Avenue, don’t forget to stop by their other location too.

Open 7am-5pm Monday to Friday & Closed Weekends
Saint-Famille – 23 minute walk // Pine Avenue – 20 minute walk

As you can see from this list not only does Montreal offer some fantastic local alternatives to the big coffee house chains, our Saint-Famille apartments are the place to live if you need that caffeine fix ASAP! Enquire about an apartment today.