Best Way To Move Around In Montreal


We know that when travelling, a big part of your time is spent moving around. Apart from your own car, there are a lot of ways to move around in Montreal that are fun & economic. A lot of travellers don’t know everything, so we decided to create a list of all the best methods of transportation in Montreal. I hope it helps!

#1 – Bus & Metro

Metro de Montreal
Metro de Montreal

There are a lot of buses and metro stations in Montreal and I must say it’s the Montrealer’s favourite way to move around in the city.

You can find all the information you want on the following websites and apps:

The pricing of the OPUS card goes as follows:

  • $3.50 for one trip
  • $6.50 for two trips
  • $29.00 for ten trips
  • $10 for a one day pass
  • See STM regular fare page for more information

You can buy any bus or metro pass at metro stations and some other point of sales.

There’s even the 747, which is a bus that takes you from the airport to downtown and vice-versa for only $10!

#2 – Bixi & Uber Jump

BIXI in Montreal

Bixi is a bike rental company that has stands across the city which makes it ideal to move around in Montreal. Of course, it’s not available during the winter!

The pricing of Bixi varies but here’s the gist:

  • $2.95 for a 30-minute trip
  • $5.25 for one day of 30-minute trips
  • $15 for 3 days of 30-minute trips
  • $94 for a one-year membership with unlimited 30-minute trips

Uber Jump offers a similar service than Bixi, but you can park your bike anywhere as long as it’s not endangering other people’s life such as in the middle of the street (you’ll be fined if you do).

The main difference between Bixi and Uber Jump is that Uber Jump has electrical bikes who can go pretty fast (and they have the brightest red/orange colour you’ll find on a bike).

On a sidenote, Bixi started introducing electric bikes too.

The price is also more expensive: $2.95 initial fare + $0.30 per minute.

Find out more information on Bixi’s website.

#3 – Uber & Taxi


Uber is very popular in Montreal, but people still pick a taxi depending on the occasion.

You can download the Uber App and order your ride in a matter of minutes. The only annoying thing you might find about using Uber are the price surges. Sometimes, their fare is multiplied by 1.2X or any numbers above.

The worst time to take Uber is the night of new years eve!

You can also take your Uber or Taxi ride to leave or arrive at the airport. Generally, Uber rides are cheaper, but Taxi companies can offer flat rates which can be a good option if there’s a lot of traffic.

#4 – Communauto + Car2Go

Communauto Montreal

If you need to get further than inside Montreal, you might want to look into renting a car. Communauto offers a great deal with their FLEX plan, which includes gas and insurance, you only pay $0.40/min, or $12/hour or $50/day.

Check here for more information on their rates.

Car2Go is another car rental service that focuses mostly on trips made within Montreal. You can rent a SMART and the rates are quite complicated, but you can find more information here.

#5 – Enterprise Car Rental


The most well known car rental company in Montreal is Enterprise. They have good prices, a lot of stations and a lot of choice of cars.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway, this might be your best option if Communauto doesn’t fit your taste!

What’s next?

We truly hope this will simplify your life and make your trip to Montreal better.

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