Make your apartment extra cozy this winter


The sun going down early, the temperature dropping... The winter months can easily become quite depressing. Our solution? Face the gray days by creating a cozy atmosphere in your home.

By transforming your apartment into a cozy nest, you’ll be back to feeling warmed up inside and out. In this article, Trylon reveals its best tips to make your apartment extra cozy this winter.

Bathe in the RIGHT kind of light.

The first crucial step in creating a cozy atmosphere in your apartment resides in the brightness of the room. Replace your aggressive overhead lighting with the soft glow provided by lamps, lanterns and candles. Also, make sure that the bulbs you use are diffusing a warm-toned light ! This will allow you to create an even more relaxing and subdued atmosphere. At Trylon, we really love this cute lamp and this delightfully rustic candle tray.

make your apartment extra cozy this winter

Simmer some potpourri.

Don’t let the less-than-inspiring name fool you: potpourri will be your nose’s best friend in no time. Put fruit peels, spices, flowers and any other of your favorite aromatics in a pot filled with water. Then, place it on the stove over high heat until it bubbles before reducing the heat to a simmer. The last step? Enjoy the delicious aromas that will be released all throughout your apartment. At Trylon, we love this gourmet recipe with cinnamon, and this invigorating recipe with mint.

Choose the perfect soundtrack.

Choosing appropriate music is quintessential to creating a warm atmosphere. To do so, make sure to choose playlists with soft songs that will calm you down. At Trylon’s, we recommend Above Ordinary Mix on Youtube and the Flocon playlist on Spotify. The first option, with its funk and jazz influences, will add the perfect amount of spice to your day. On the other hand, the second option will snuggle right into you with its indie and tender selection.

Enjoy a fireplace like no other.

You don’t have a fireplace in your apartment? No problem! It’s time to reveal our pro tip: youtube fireplace videos. Warm, hour-long and without forgetting the delicious crackling sounds that we love, you will truly feel like you are in front of a real fire. All you have to do is project the video on your TV (or simply on your computer if you don’t have one) and you’re done. Another advantage? You won’t have to worry about keeping the fire burning !

Stack up on textiles.

It’s time to bundle up (our favorite step) ! First, gather your cozy blankets and soft pillows and put on your favorite pajamas. Then, settle into your favorite corner of the apartment. All that’s left to do is to soak up all the cozy vibes, courtesy of Trylon.

Add a final touch… because why not !

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your apartment as cozy as possible, this tip is for you. First, replace your sheer curtains with ones in a thicker material, such as velvet or jacquard. Then complete the look by adding a shag rug in the same hues to your living room and/or bedroom. Not only will this help insulate your apartment to keep it toasty warm, but these additions will also make you feel like you’re nestled in a cozy cocoon.

Now that you have all our pro tips for making your apartment cozier this winter, all that is left for you to do is to enjoy it! Trust us, you’ll thank us when you get to bask in your warm little space.