A Guide to Montreal’s Best Libraries


Montreal is home to an array of libraries that are not only repositories of knowledge but also hubs of modern learning and research. We know the best places in the city for book worms or young professionals looking for a quiet place to work.

Curious to know which libraries made it to our favorites? Find out by delving in Trylon’s guide to Montreal’s best libraries.

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)

Located in the heart of Montreal, the BAnQ is the largest library in the city and a beacon of Quebec’s literary heritage. Its impressive collection includes books, manuscripts, photographs, and archives, making it a valuable resource for history enthusiasts. The BAnQ’s modern architecture and innovative design create a welcoming space for visitors to explore the past and present of Quebec’s culture. 

The Grande Bibliothèque

Housed within the BAnQ complex, the Grande Bibliothèque is a standout on its own. With over four million documents, it offers a wide range of materials in various languages. This makes it a hub for cultural exchange. The library’s open and spacious design invites readers to dive into books, magazines, and digital resources. At the same time, one can enjoy the stunning views of the city from its upper floors. Plus, it’s also a top-tier study and work place.

Atwater Library and Computer Centre

Tucked away in the historic district of Westmount, the Atwater Library is a hidden gem. Established in 1828, it is one of the oldest libraries in Montreal. The library prides itself on its community engagement, providing services for people of all ages, including free computer and internet access. The cozy ambiance and beautiful garden make it a tranquil spot for reading and research. If you aren’t sure on where to work next, Atwater Library is your place to be.

McGill University Library

McGill University’s library complex comprises multiple branches, and it’s a treasure trove for students and researchers. The Redpath Library and McLennan Library Building are iconic landmarks on the university’s campus. They are home to an extensive collection of academic resources, including rare books, manuscripts, and special collections. McGill’s library couldn’t be forgotten in our guide to Montreal’s best libraries.

Westmount Public Library

Westmount’s Public Library is renowned for its architectural beauty and an extensive collection of books, multimedia, and digital resources. The library hosts various events, workshops, and author readings, fostering a vibrant cultural community.

The Library at the McCord Museum

Nestled within the McCord Museum, this library specializes in Canadian history, art, and material culture. Researchers and enthusiasts can explore its collection of over 140,000 publications, photographs, and documents that shed light on the country’s heritage.

Montreal’s libraries are not only repositories of knowledge but also integral parts of the city’s cultural fabric. Whether you seek a quiet corner for reading, academic research, or a glimpse into the diverse communities that call Montreal home, the city’s libraries have much to offer. So, take a literary journey through Montreal’s finest libraries and explore the rich tapestry of knowledge that they have to share.