5 Smart Gadgets for your Home
Smart gadgets for your home


Check out this list of 5 smart and futuristic gadgets for your home, to make your home smarter and life easier.

Not only are smart gadgets super cool, but they can also make your life a lot easier. If you’re wanting to impress your guests with having the trendiest house on the block, try implementing this list of smart appliances to your home to automate your everyday living a little more.

Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums have been soaring in popularity in recent years for their convenience, discreteness, and time-saving features. Why vacuum for hours every week when you can simply have a futuristic sidekick to to it for you? Programmable through a connected app on your smartphone, robot vacuums can be turned on or off, and can even be set to follow an automatic, pre-programmed schedule. If you’re tired of having to clean your home, this is definitely a smart gadget for your home

Robot vacuums can turn your house into a smart home

Smart LED lights

Implementing a smart lighting system into your space can make it look super cool, and can save you the nuisance of having to get up from your comfy couch or bed when you forgot to turn the lights off. Easily programmed through an app, this gadget can change your home’s atmosphere, and ultimately, the way you experience light. If you’re looking for a smart light system recommendation, the Philips Hue line is a great way to easily make your home smart, one lightbulb or light accessory at a time. Their products range from lightbulbs to light strips with 16 million different colours, allowing you to fully customize your space. The Philips Hue line can also be connected to your voice assistants, allowing for effortless control.

Did you know? LED lights are actually more cost efficient than traditional iridescent lightbulbs. Check out this blog post for other hacks that can save money on your yearly electrical bill.

Smart gadgets for your home
This gadget can automate your home in a trendy way

Home Assistant

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. But, have you added them to your home? These devices are virtual assistant softwares, helping you with everyday tasks. Simply activate it through your voice from near or across the room, and ask it anything. Weather, trivia, adding tasks to your to-do list or shopping lists, these home assistants have got you covered. They also act as central smart home controller hubs, linking your other smart devices such as lights and thermostats to your assistant.

Smart gadgets for your home: Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

Smart Thermostat is a perfect smart gadget for your home

These thermostats can help make your home smarter and your life easier. Featuring self-programming settings to save time on scheduling in addition to “away” settings to save money while you’re not home, a smart thermostat is a great gadget to add into your house. Ultimately, these appliances can track and learn patterns of your household’s temperature, and adjust the heating or cooling in response to occupancy. These features can be more eco-friendly and save you money!

Smart gadgets for your home
The Nest Smart Thermostat can help make your home smarter and life easier

Smart Doorbell Camera

Are you looking for an extra sense of security? Or simply the satisfying feeling to know your package was safely delivered to your doorstep, even from kilometres away? Well, smart doorbell cameras are the gadgets for you! Easily communicate with someone at your front door through your smartphone, even when you’re not home, or just too lazy to get up from your couch. Implementing a smart doorbell camera can also save you money on your homeowner’s insurance costs, as it provides an extra level of security, along with video evidence of incidents, if they were to occur.

Smart doorbell camera: a gadget to add to your smart home

In conclusion

Automating your life doesn’t happen over night. However, this list of smart gadgets for your home can definitely give you some ideas on what to implement to make it smarter, one appliance at a time.