Organizing Small Spaces – 8 of our Best Hacks


Tricks for organizing small apartments

We’ve all been there – Finally breaking out into your own space, free from siblings, parents, even roommates, but now it comes down to organization! You finally have your own space, but now what are you going to do with it? Here are our pro-tips and tricks for organizing small spaces in your Trylon Apartment:

1. Organizing Entranceway Clutter

Entranceway shelves and hooks - organizing small spaces
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Your entrance is the first impression that people have on your home, but it is also a place that can get very disorganized. Organizing this small space can be difficult , but once it’s done you are guaranteed to love it! Having simple organization as you walk in the door can be an excellent way to keep track of important items like car keys, mail, and even hooks for your jackets, leashes, and seasonal accessories. Getting into the routine of having everything in the same space immediately after walking into your home can make your routine leaving the house much more simple! 

2. Room Dividers With Storage

Room dividers with storage
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Another incredible way to be able to not only have a fun way to add some decor to your apartment, but also to section off specific places in your apartment to break up the space is storage room dividers. Easy to move as you add to your furniture collection, versatile for many uses, and they even add a little spice to your household decor; room dividers with storage allow you to break off bigger sections of space and turn them into little nooks with multiple uses. Organizing small spaces like this is such a fun way to add life to your space!

Plus later on if you redecorate, or move into a bigger space – they can be reused against a wall for purely decorative purposes.

3. Don’t Forget The Space Behind the Door

Shelving units on the back of doors - organizing small spaces.
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Doors consume a lot of space in any household, but who says you can’t use this space for extra storage? There are multiple things you can do for organization at the back of doors into specific rooms. In a bedroom, back of door storage can be used for accessories like watches, belts, and scarves. Then, in a bathroom it can be used for personal hygiene products. In an office, organization for your hobbies/office accessories. 

Think of it this way, the door is there regardless of your space capabilities, you might as well use it for additional storage! Plus for organizing small spaces, think about all of the doors in your house that have been unused!

4. Organizing Small Spaces – Wall Accessories

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We’ve all seen people use combinations of shelves, pictures, paintings, etc for decorative purposes on walls, but what about for accessories? Personal accessories like hats for instance, are difficult to find places to store in a way that doesn’t mess them up. Organizing small spaces like this one that utilizes wall space instead of floor space is a good way around that!

Hats and accessories add pops of personal flare to a space, and can also add a fun boho vibe to a smaller area! Being able to take one off for the day, put it back up on the wall ensures that it will not be damaged in storage, won’t get dirty, and also boasts a fun way to display your prized possessions! 

5. Nesting Tables for Organizing Small Spaces!

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The perfect replacement for a coffee table in your living spaces! Nesting tables are wonderful additions to any household because they’re easy to tuck away for extra space. Then, when you have larger gatherings you can spread them out for additional surface space. Nesting tables also work when you need to spread out papers for various projects. In the end, you can simply tuck them back into a small space when you’re finished up! 

Nesting tables offer a variety of different ways to display them when you feel the need to shake things up again. You can also use different ones in different rooms as need be! Once you replace your coffee table with a nice set of nesting tables you will be hooked! This could be a perfect solution when you temporarily need a bit of extra space, but want to have an open concept at times too! 

6. Don’t Forget Organizing Small Spaces Like Your Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Door Organization - organizing small spaces.
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Kitchen and bathroom cupboard doors are another thing that are constantly forgotten when it comes to utilizing extra storage space. The space under your sink is an excellent place to have a garbage can that isn’t an eyesore for guests and also saves on floor space. 

Another excellent way to utilize storage for cupboard doors is pot lids. Pot lids can get buried underneath the larger items in your cupboards which makes them hard to find. By having them all lined up on the inside of your cupboard doors, you know exactly where to find them all of the time, plus you’re using up that space that is often completely forgotten about. 

7. Double Up on Cupboard Space

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Besides cupboard doors, there can be open air space in cupboards that could easily be used with floating shelves. Floating shelves double as a way to stack your kitchenware without having to worry about damaging anything fragile. This can double the amount of storage you have, which in some smaller kitchens is a significant space boost! 

Adding hooks underneath your cupboards to hang coffee mugs works the same way. This also gives off an inviting vibe in your kitchen. Additionally, it allows you to show off any fun cups you may have! 

8. Organizing Clothing Vertically in Drawers

This might be the most innovative way to store clothing anywhere. By folding your clothes and placing them upwards, you not only can see more of the items. This means that as you are picking your outfits, you can also store significantly more clothes in each drawer. Keeping on top of it will look much more organized, and offer you much more space every season.

The hardest part about organizing the smaller spaces in your apartment is doing the work to bring your spaces from being in disarray to being organized. Once it’s done, you will never want to go back to how you were organizing things before this! If you’re thinking about moving to a new place prior, than maybe these ones at Trylon will do the trick for you! Getting organized during moving is the best thing you can do for a fresh start! People are spending at home more these days, and falling into the trap of being disorganized is easy to do. An organized home bouts confidence, alleviates frustrations, and from a visual standpoint; looks aesthetically pleasing.