Montreal Activities to Welcome the Spring
Montreal Activities to Welcome the Spring


The birds chirping, the sun brightly shining, the weather warming up - we are just so glad to welcome spring back after this seemingly endless winter. We almost feel like we should be celebrating. And you know what? This is exactly the purpose of this article, because after all, why not?

To fully indulge in the good vibes defrosting with the comeback of the warmer months, here are Trylon’s ideas of Montreal activities to welcome the Spring that has finally sprung.

Outdoor Markets

To start things off, we recommend you soak up the vitamin D your body has desperately been craving these past few months by spending as much time as possible outside. And what better way then to go to outdoor markets, such as Marché Jean-Talon or Marché Atwater? To us, there’s nothing that feels more springlike than walking around colourful food and flowers kiosks. Leisure about, taste the fruits, smell the flowers, and you’ll see, you’ll feel quickly rejuvenated.

Montreal Activities to Welcome the Spring

Spring Window Shopping

Speaking of walking around, another activity that can boost your mood and let you enjoy the sun’s rays to the fullest is doing some good old window shopping. We particularly like walking on St-Laurent streets along the Little Italy and Mile-End districts, or on av. du Mont-Royal. There are so many cute shops, restaurants and coffee shops that cater to all tastes that we guarantee you won’t see the hours go by.

Montreal Activities to Welcome the Spring

Coffee Walks in Parks

Not a fan of shopping, and still wanting to get to outside steps in? Then this idea will truly be your cup of tea… or coffee! Inaugurate the return of Spring with a good old iced coffee and a walk in a burgeoning park. What can we say, it’s a timeless classic! We like Oui mais non near Jarry Park, Café Myriade close to Mont-Royal Park, and Arthurs Nosh Bar just a short walk away from the Lachine Canal.

Drinks with friends outside

It might be a bit premature for terrasse season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a drink outside with close ones. Bundle up, bring some snacks and choose your drink of choice (negroni’s spagliato, anybody?) Next step : choose a friend’s balcony, porch patio… or even a park if you can’t find one. All that’s left to do is to enjoy : cheers!

Gourmet Outings

Around this time of the year, it’s “sugar time” in Québec. Since sugar shacks can sometimes be far from Montreal, there are a few options right in the city that can let you bask in a similar ambiance while satisfying your sweet tooth. Situated on Boul Saint-Laurent, Caribou Gourmand offers sugary spring brunches from March 11 to April 16. Downtown, stop by the Marché Artisans inside the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth Hotel to sample their brunch, which is happening every weekend up until the 10 of April. Brunches are too heavy for you in the morning? Terrasse William Gray in Old Port has got your back. Savour their tasty sugar-shack inspired menu that starts with a brunch and ends with a dinner option as well. Finally, if you want to combine sweetness and art to take your feast to the next level, the Labo Culinaire will be perfect for you. Happening in the Société des Arts Technologiques, they provide what they call a “urban sugar-shack experience”. Including installations like a chandelier dripping with maple syrup, it doesn’t get more unique than this.

With these activities, your mood will be just as cheerful as the warm weather blessing us with its return. We hope you’ll enjoy!