8 Bike Paths In Montreal To Check Out


Check out these 8 bike paths in Montreal that offer stunning views of different areas of the city.

Bike paths in Montreal are like no other. It’s no wonder we are considered one of the world’s best biking cities. There are over 500 kilometers of bike lanes — nearly twice as many as Copenhagen, the unofficial biking capital. What makes our bike paths great is they have some amazing views to deliver.

People biking in Montreal.

Biking provides a great way to get around the city in an eco-friendly and safe way.

Biking is now such a significant part of Montrealers lives that the city launched BIXI, a bike-sharing system that has over 6,200 bikes and 540 stations in Montreal, Longueuil, and Westmount.

There’s also a bike festival that combines the city’s love for bikes and festivals. 

Summer weather is still here or a bit longer, so it’s the perfect time to go out and explore the city again.

Lachine Canal Bike Path

Bike path in Montreal.

The Lachine Canal runs 15 kilometers from Old Montreal to Atwater Market. It is one of the most famous bike trails. You’ll look at art, the water, and one of the city skyline’s best views. The trail is accessible to all because it is flat.

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René Lévesque Park

René Lévesque Park.

If you are still in the mood to continue riding when you finish the Lachine Canal trail, ride through René Lévesque Park. You will not only get stunning water sights, but you will also see fascinating sculptures and historic sites.

For more information on hours and parking, look at their website.

Parc Jean-Drapeau Bike Path

You will not only get to be in one of the best parks in the area, but you will also get a pretty awesome view of the city.

When it comes to this route, you have two options: either start right in the park at Jean-Drapeau Station or start your ride in Old Montreal and head over de la Concorde Bridge.

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Mount Royal

Mount Royal Bike Path In Montreal.

The very mountain Montreal is named after, Mount Royal; is one of the best biking spots in town. The park itself is so peaceful, and the view at the top makes you feel relaxed as you overlook the busy city.

Berges Ouest Bike Path

Berges Ouest Bike Path.

For those looking for adventure, the Berges Ouest Bike Path is great. It is about 20 km long and takes you through Lachine, Verdun, and La Salle.

The best part is running alongside wild Lachine Rapids will give the extra adrenaline.

Îles-de-Boucherville Park

Bikers in Îles-de-Boucherville Park.

Check out Îles-de-Boucherville Park, where you can find 21 kilometers of tracks, in three separate loops on four islands for those trying to get the most out of their day of cycling.

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Plateau-Mont Royal

Certainly one of the city’s quirkiest and most charismatic parts, ride your way through stunning street art, charming architecture, and a sense of home all around you.

La Fontaine Park

La Fontaine Park in Montreal.

Another wonderful park near the trendy neighborhood, Plateau, is La Fontaine Park. It is a popular hot spot for cyclists, sun-bathers, and those who simply want to enjoy the area.

Maisonneuve Bike Path

Biking next to art.

The Maisonneuve Bike Path is a nice path to take to feel like a tourist in your city, seeing the best of downtown.

Just get out at Berri-UQAM Station and make this ride whatever you want, go for as long or as short as you want, and make some stops along the way.

Enjoy your ride around Montreal! ? 

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