5 Amazing Road Trips to do From Montreal


Spring is slowly starting to set in and it usually means good weather is coming too. This is the perfect time to start thinking about the next road trip you could do when summer is here. In a previous article, we told you about the lakes you could find near Montreal and today we tell you about the perfect places for a road trip. We made you a small list of the most beautiful places from Montreal that you can easily reach by car and ca finally satisfy your desire to explore.

1- Montmorency Falls

Located a few minutes outside the metropolitan area of ​​Quebec, the Parc de la Chute Montmorency is definitely worth a visit. Being less than 3 hours drive from Montreal (2 hours 45 minutes to be precise), you can admire the beauty of nature while walking on magnificent trails.

Obviously the key element of this park is its large waterfall and if you are brave and not afraid of the height, you can walk over the waterfall by taking the bridge.

2- Oka 

If you have a limited amount of time, you can go to Oka Park which is only 45 minutes from Montreal. On-site, you can walk in the park and enjoy the density of nature.

Finally, you can peacefully enjoy the large Oka beach and its picnic area or discover the Oka Abbey Store, where you can taste (and buy) a wide selection of the famous Oka cheeses!

3- Boston

In a completely different register and only 4h30 drive from Montreal, you can visit the stunning city of Boston. Being in the territory of the United States, Boston can definitely give you a fresh breeze of novelty. We suggest checking out the city’s historic monuments and museums.

4- Magog

We already told you about this in a previous article, but Magog is a beautiful, very peaceful place that you should visit. It’s only located 1.5 hours from Montreal.

You could enjoy the pretty little town of Magog, visit the public market and spend a day in a vineyard.

Above all, don’t forget to go to the shores of Lake Memphremagog, where you may spot Memphre, the monster of the Canadian Lake.

5- Mont-Tremblant

Making a list of the most beautiful road trips and not talking about Mont-Tremblant is not possible. Mont-Tremblant is not only a paradise for skiers. In summer, you can stroll in the mountains and forest offered by the park.

You can also climb or hike and end your day in a very beautiful spa (if that’s something tempting to you).


We have given you a non-exhaustive list of beautiful places near Montreal to plan a road trip, but there are many other places to discover in Quebec and the surrounding areas.

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