IKEA Finds Under $50 Every Apartment Needs
IKEA apartment finds under $50


Moving and furnishing an apartment can be a costly process. Luckily, IKEA offers so many quality products for incredibly inexpensive prices. Check out this list for IKEA finds (Under $50) that every apartment needs.

Apartment needs can come with some very expensive options. Moving alone is a costly process and that’s before you even get into the idea of purchasing any additional household items that you may be missing. Luckily, IKEA Furniture is a commodity that we have here in Canada that offers so many quality products for all your needs for incredibly inexpensive prices. So if you’ve just moved, are looking to move, or are missing some key staples in your living space; here is a list of key IKEA finds you can get your hands on in Canada for $50 or less! 

Apartment Needs: FIXA Tool Kit $9.99

Apartment Needs: FIXA Tool Kit

To start things off here we have the FIXA Tool Kit. Coming in at only $9.99, the FIXA tool kit comes with everything you need to get your home looking the way you’d like it to! This 17-piece tool kit comes with a hammer, pliers, a wrench, a screwdriver and all its corresponding bits! Perfect to add to your tool kit, or an excellent starter kit for your home!

KUNGSFORS Magnetic Knife Rack $24.00

The KUNGSFORS Magnetic Knife Rack is the perfect idea for an innovative kitchen! Whether your kitchen has a lot of storage, or is just looking for a fancy way to show off your cookware, the magnetic knife rack is a happy addition to any kitchen! Additionally, who says you have to use these strips for knives only? Perfect for larger utensils, spices, or even pot lids; these magnetic racks could do wonders for your kitchen!

BEKVAM Spice Rack $8.99

Apartment Needs: BEKVAM Spice Rack

A versatile shelf that could be used for anything small you’d like to hang around your living space. The BEKVAM Spice Rack is the perfect way to arrange all of your spices in an easily accessible manner! Both practical and decorative, this shelf is the perfect touch to an empty wall in your kitchen!

Apartment Needs: Nordrana Basket Sets (2PCK) $14.99

Apartment Needs: NORDRANA Basket Sets

Hand-Crocheted in Vietnam, Nordrana Basket Sets are each creatively unique. Used for floor storage, but can also be hung from their loops. Made from almost 50% recycled materials, these baskets are a unique and practical touch to any living space!

INGABRITTA Throw $39.99

Apartment Needs: INGABRITTA throw

This soft-knitted INGABRITTA throw comes in 5 colours; gray-green; light gray; off-white, pale pink, and mustard yellow. Perfectly cozy to wrap around you, or for a touch of colour in a minimalistic room, these throws are the perfect gift for a new living space! With lovely warm colours, these throws can be the perfect accent to any piece of furniture in your space!

Apartment Needs: VÄXBO Collage Frame $14.99

Looking to add to your family gallery? The VÄXBO Collage Frame comes with 8 placeholders for images to showcase family, friends, pets, and more! You can create your own personal collage with these all white frames, which are easily customizable to your needs. With plastic frames covering your images, trust that they will be protected from dust, and damage as they hang on your wall. Made with recycled products so you can trust that your images will be displayed in an eco-friendly way!

BORRBY Lantern $24.99

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this BORRBY lantern is a unique way to add light to your living space! For peace and tranquility, having a block candle lit in the evening time can give off a calming vibe. Perfect to set the mood inside or for additional patio lighting. Made with steel and easy to clean, just give it a wipe and be on your way! 

Apartment Needs: SMÅÄTA Chopping board $29.99

Made of solid wood, which is a durable natural material and gentle on your knives, the SMÅÄTA Chopping board is the perfect kitchen tool! With a personal organic shape and visible wood grains, this cutting board is perfect for kitchen use or as a serving tray for food such as cheese or charcuterie. Definitely out of the ordinary, this cutting board is aesthetically pleasing in any living space!

LENNART Drawer Unit $29.99

The perfect addition to an office space! With so many people working from home these days, many employees have had to find inexpensive ways to stay organized! Easy to move around and perfect for storing letter-sized paper, the LENNART drawer unit is perfect for any working space. You’ll never have to worry about finding paperwork if you have this drawer unit readily available to serve your needs.

RASKOG Utility Cart $49.99

Apartment Needs - RASKOG Utility Cart

Paired with wheels, the RASKOG Utility Cart is the perfect way to organize any space! Can be used for additional storage space in a living room, bathroom, kitchen, or even bedroom; the RASKOG Utility Cart is a must have. Also, it can be used as an organized storage rack! Available in white and black; this cart can be an add-on to any space.

SATSUMAS Plant Stand $44.99

This plant stand is definitely an apartment need: it’s the best way to provide your plants with optimal lighting while still showing them off! Based on 3 levels, the SATSUMAS Plant Stand allows you to show off your plants at different heights. With bamboo legs and an acrylic ledge, this plant stand can be dynamic in any living space. Additionally, if being a green thumb isn’t your thing; these stands double as cool side tables for coffee and a good book!

LURVIG Cat House $27.99

Apartment Needs- LURVIG Pet House

A cozy house, a soft bed, or a sheltered nook; this cat bed can be adjusted to suit any of your needs! Quick to transform by folding it different ways, the LURVIG cat house fits in every place! Soft and cozy if you add a little blanket, your cat will feel right at home! After all, your home should be a safe space for everyone including your furry friends, right?

As you probably were already aware, there are countless items at IKEA just waiting for you to find them. IKEA is the perfect place to find sustainable products that are shockingly inexpensive. Perfect to add some inspiration into your day, these IKEA items are a perfect addition to each living space! Used for multiple purposes, sustainably made, and comparably inexpensive, IKEA has most things that a new home is looking for! 

Moving can be a hauntingly expensive process, but with the right products in mind at the right places, you can find everything you’re looking for without immensely breaking the bank! Enjoy your new home! Also, if you’re looking to add some more life to your new living space, here is a Trylon blog on the Best Houseplants for Apartments.