Apartment Activities to Get Out of Your Funk


If you are anything like us, then you too are at the end of your winter rope. It’s cold, it’s gray and it’s slushy outside, and these days, we want nothing more than to stay in and cozy at home.

Well not to worry, because Trylon’s right there with you! If you want to stay home while enjoying something a bit more exciting than mindlessly scrolling, we got you. Down below, you’ll find unique apartment activities to get out of your funk. Read on, stay in and have all the fun!

Game Day

This idea might not be the most original, but hey, we can’t ignore the true classics! After all, it’s not only a fun way to spend some time with your close ones – but with so many options available, you’re also sure to find something that suits everybody. For a successful game day, we suggest playing an upbeat playlist, having lots of snacks lying around and making sure there’s comfortable seating available for everyone. As for games, we personally love What Do You Meme, Code Names and, of course, Cards Against Humanity.

Activities to get out of your funk

Immersion Dinner

Stay with us for this idea – in no time, immersion dinner will be your next favorite activity! What does it entail, you may ask? Basically, choose a setting that’s uncommon for a dinner party. It could be a feast on a plane, super on the moon, date night underwater… you get the idea. Next, set the ambiance : get dressed to fit the theme, decorate your apartment to resemble the chosen environment and pick a menu that ties everything together. The last steps? Play the part and enjoy yourselves! Trust us, this unique twist on regular dinner parties will be all your guests rave about afterwards.

Activities to get out of your funk

Thematic Cocktail Party

We’ll admit, we got inspired by a tiktok trend for this one. Invite a few friends over and tell each of them to prepare a drink recipe. The only requirement? It has to fit a set theme. It could be movies, inside jokes, exes… Each drink has to uniquely relate to it and represent the person that makes them. In no time, you’ll find yourselves impressed by your crew’s creativity and giggling until the late hours of the night.

Activities to get out of your funk

Art Afternoon

If you want to get in touch with your artistic side, look no further. Having an afternoon dedicated to trying a new art project is a great way to let your creative juice flow. It could be a drawing, a painting, homemade clay candle holders, etc. If you don’t know where to start, Pinterest and Tiktok have many trends and project ideas that are fun and accessible for all, no matter their artistic experience. Set the mood with great lighting and a cozy playlist, and let your mind clear itself with each stroke of your paint brush (or pencil, or crayon…)

Activities to get out of your funk

Spa Night

This idea is another classic that’s perfect for the ones that feel a bit weathered down this winter. We believe that often, you don’t actually need to spend a lot of money at a spa to feel pampered. Most of the time, you have everything you need at home to enjoy a bit of much-needed TLC. Put on your comfiest robe (or pjs) and set the mood with low lighting and relaxing sounds. The next steps are up to you! You could make a homemade face mask, treat yourself to a pedicure, enjoy a warm bubble bath… The world is your oyster!

Activities to get out of your funk

Listening Party

Listening parties is one of our best ideas (according to us). The concept is based on this book, and is quite simple. Instead of just listening to an entire album by an artist/group of your choice, discover it while drinking their favourite drinks! With this multi-sensory experience, you can immerse yourself completely in their world, which we love. We also love how it changes things up from just getting cocktails in a crowded bar.

Next time you are looking for a creative way to beat your winter funk, pick one of these activities and have some fun at home. After all, there is so much more to do inside than sleeping and scrolling!