Opens a ‘Grocery Store’ In Montreal


Amazon announced they were able to deliver in 1-day in Montreal since 2 years.

An amazing news came from today. This news will affect primarily those who already have Amazon Prime. will now offer FREE 1-Day shipping in Montreal! Grocery Store

Where will you be able to order? You can now order your groceries online through’s website, and receive everything you ordered the next day right at your home.

Amazon Grocery Shopping

What type of food can you buy? Unfortunately you can’t buy fruits and vegetables just yet. It’s mostly for packaged goods such as:

  • Cookies& baking goods
  • Beverages
  • Herbs, spices & seasonings
  • Candy & chocolate
  • Snack food
  • Dried fruit, nuts & vegetables
  • Canned, jarred & packaged food
  • Breads & bakery

Are the prices better than other groceries? The prices at might be slightly lower than large surface grocery stores, but they aren’t as good as cheap local grocery stores either.

Is Amazon Prime essential to order my groceries on Only if you want to receive your food within 1-day. Otherwise, you can order without Amazon prime for standard Amazon delivery times.

Is there a physical Amazon grocery store? Unfortunately, we still don’t have a large brick & mortar grocery store in Montreal, but according to “Journal de Montreal“, Amazon Fresh could be available faster than we think.

What about Whole Foods Market? If you are looking for more options to buy food on, we recommend you take a look there. They have more categories & options such as:

  • Organic
  • Cereal & breakfast
  • Coffee, tea & drinks
  • Pasta & quick meals
  • Snacks & nuts
  • Condiments & spices
  • Household health & beauty
  • Beans, grains & rice
  • Cooking & baking
  • Baby care

What’s next?

We believe this is an amazing news for what’s coming in Montreal, but it isn’t earth shattering either. We still recommend people to do their groceries at local supermarkets, because they’ll find better deals.

Amazon is a great option for certain items, and you might find some really interesting deal if you shop around long enough.

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