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Just a few of things available to you at Hotel Trylon, swimming pool, sauna, rooftop terrace, Thalia lounge


Hotel Trylon is a part of the local Montreal hospitality industry has been popular for many years. At this point however,  AirBnB’s have grown so much in popularity that people question why hotels exist in the first place. In theory, AirBnB’s offer prime opportunities for a place to lay your head at night when visiting a new neighbourhood, but what seems like a simple check-in, check-out situation is rare for that to happen without extra questionable fees. 

Located right downtown Montreal, Trylon is home to modern, inviting, and affordable apartment buildings as well as a full boasted hotel service. Right near the entertainment district, Trylon’s hotels are in the best locations in Montreal. Though even without beginning to explore, Trylon even comes with multiple amenities that you can enjoy right here in Montreal!  With AirBnB’s having unknown locations until sometimes the day of your arrival, hidden fees, and obscure communications, here’s why we think that a stay at Trylon will be so much more reliable than your typical AirBnB.

1. Trylon Hotel Comes With Gym and Sauna Facilities

Rare to find in a place with an overnight stay, but Trylon Hotel Montreal comes packed with a full gym and sauna services. We know how important it is to stay in the best shape possible no matter where you are! Luckily enough at Trylon, one of our favourite features is that we come boast with a fully equipped gym for all of your workout needs. As well as sauna facilities for the perfect R&R afterwards!  We have a facility within our buildings available for guests to use at their own leisure! At Trylon Hotel you have the ability to stay in shape close to your home no matter your visit, every season! 

2. Trylon Hotel Has its Own Indoor Heated Pool

An amenity that at most local stays you’re going to miss out on, our legendary heated pool. Heated all four seasons, this pool has been providing our guests with bliss and serenity throughout all of this pandemic. 

Where people have been unable to go to beaches, travel, or enjoy local pools; Trylon has been here warm and waiting for our wonderful guests to use at their own leisure. 

At Trylon Hotel Montreal, our guests have the opportunity to maintain physique with our gym and heated pool to be ready to show off as the world slowly returns to normal. Our pool at Trylon Apartments is the perfect alternative while we’re still unable to travel to tropical lands and beautiful beaches! Our beautiful and spacious heated indoor swimming pool is the perfect solution to any day!

3. The Rooftop Terrace

Where many places have outdoor spaces for guests to enjoy, Trylon comes with its very own private rooftop terrace. Perfect for watching a beautiful Montreal skyline sunset, having a nice drink, and private conversations, Trylon’s rooftop terrace is a definite must-see! 

4 The Hotel is Regularly Used and Maintained

With AirBnB, you never know who has been there before, how the building has been maintained, or what you’re walking into before your stay. Oftentimes, other than a couple usually outdated photos and if you’re lucky a couple of reviews! At Trylon Hotel, we know how important it is for our guests to receive the best care possible from the very beginning of their stay to waving goodbye at the end. 

At Trylon, we want you to have everything you need in order to be happy, healthy, and successful no matter what you’re here for! We provide the best care and service possible to make your housing and overnight stay the easiest part of your trip! 

5. Filled With Locals Who Want to Share Info About the City

Montreal is known to be a beautiful city filled with art, tourists, and a whole lot of culture. Everywhere you go you will meet someone who will stop you to say hello and spark up conversations. With Trylon being part hotel, part apartment buildings; you’re likely to run into locals. Locals are the best people to go to when you’re learning the city because they will be able to share with you all of the hidden gems!

6. Steps Away From Downtown Montreal

Located right downtown Montreal, Trylon’s hotel is home to modern, inviting, and affordable buildings. We are located right near the entertainment district, trying to be situated in the best areas in Montreal. Downtown Montreal is home to some of the best art, music, and food in all of Canada. When travelling here, you can leave your car in our underground parking lot and be steps away from all of the action!

Stay up-to-date on all of the unique stores, restaurants, and businesses on this local Montreal blog! Everything from entertainment, to shopping, to local eats! has you covered!

7. Hotel Trylon’s Indoor Laundry Facilities

Rare in most popular AirBnB’s, Trylon hotel comes with in-house laundry facilities. When away on vacation, or business you never know when you are going to need another set of clothes. A way to clean your clothes if you end up needing them can be super helpful in a pinch! Sometimes when there is an important meeting coming up and you’ve forgotten something, you need to do a quick wash! At Hotel Trylon, we have you covered, because thats the Trylon way!

8. The Friendly and Inviting Environment of Our Hotel

Last but not least, Trylon has a warm, friendly, and inviting environment. Check-in at any point in the day without any hassle. Plus, we are always waiting at the front desk to answer any questions. Paired with room service and a concierge, Trylon Hotel wants your stay the best possible. During your stay we don’t want any doubts on how your trip will be the next time you return! Clean, compassionate, and always consistent is the Trylon way!

As you can see, from entertainment to tranquility; Montreal offers a significant amount of exciting things to do for the whole family! Whether it be leaning into the art, or finding a place for a picnic, Montreal is an incredible place. Always maintained, and always full of beautiful energy. 

At Trylon Montreal, we are placed in prime areas where you can step outside, and be nice and close to the buzz! These incredible venues and entertainment centres so that you can always be at the hub of excitement during your stay. We have peace and tranquility for those who seek it. As well as hustle and bustle for those craving the excitement that Montreal has to offer! 

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