Hotel Trylon in Montreal > AirBnB’s

Just a few of things available to you at Hotel Trylon, swimming pool, sauna, rooftop terrace, Thalia lounge

Hotel Trylon is a part of the local Montreal hospitality industry has been popular for many years. At this point however,  AirBnB’s have grown so much in popularity that people question why hotels exist in the first place. In theory, AirBnB’s offer prime opportunities for a place to lay your head at night when visiting […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Stay At Trylon When Visiting Montreal

Wondering where to stay when visiting Montreal? Trylon has stunning hotel apartments that are extremely convenient for anyone looking to have a great trip to Montreal. We know you always have other options. You can rent an Airbnb or go to other hotels in Montreal, but let us tell you why people love staying at […]