5 Places to Have a Picnic in Montreal


The summer temperatures are good and offer us a perfect time to indulge in a picnic. Chances are you already know of a nice place for a picnic with friends, however, I would be surprised if you tried out all the idyllic places to enjoy a meal with friends. This is why we have given you a non-exhaustive list of the places we find perfect for enjoying a successful afternoon / picnic evening.

1- Mount Royal Park

Talking about a picnic without talking about Mont-Royal Park would have made no sense. So we put it at the top of the list. Its very particular characteristic? It is very large, which means that you can organize many picnics, but in different places each time. In addition, the park is very large, perfect for finding a place a little more eccentric from the crowd. And the little extra, during your meal, you will be able to consume alcohol legally.

Mount Royal Park

2- The Garden of the Way of the Cross

Located next to Saint Joseph’s Oratory, this small park is actually a garden. Its paths surrounded by greenery are calm and give the impression of being immersed in the forest, without ever having left the city. The little extra? It’s an exotic place.

The Garden of the Way of the Cross

3- Parc La Fontaine

This other park located on the Plateau Mont-Royal is also very large. With its large body of water in the center and its many shaded places, this is one of the parks where life is good. Here too, if you eat you will be able to consume alcohol in peace. Little more? If you are short of food, you can get poutine at La Banquise, which is a stone’s throw from the park.

parc la fontaine

4- Clock Tower Beach

In the heart of the Old Port at the foot of the clock tower (hence its name), this place is perfect for an exotic picnic without leaving Montreal. You will be on the beach, feet in the sand and on the edge of the St. Lawrence. Guaranteed holiday atmosphere close to home.

Clock Tower Beach

5- Canal Lachine

To the west of the city, the Lachine Canal and its 13.5 km of canal will offer you many places to rest and picnic with friends. After a long stroll on foot or by bike you can stop on the banks of the canal to enjoy the view and the sunset which are magnificent.

Canal lachine

To finish…

Montreal is full of pretty places to go picnicking with friends. Feel free to share your favorite places for a picnic. Do not hesitate to visit Trylon if you are in Montreal for cozy and all inclusive apartments.