You are probably searching for an image of Montreal’s metro map and nothing else, but we’ve added some key information to help you not get too lost.

Here’s a map of the subway with the walking distance between each station.

Some important information:

Looking for Montreal’s Metro Map?

Montreal's metro map

Here’s Montreal’s metro map with a normal white background and no walking distance.

Montreal's Metro Map

Here are a few things to know when it comes to Montreal’s metro:

What’s next?

There are many other ways to move around in Montreal such as Bixi’s, Uber, Communauto and buses. The main goal here is to find your favourite way of moving around.

Some people hate buses and subways, but if you searched for Montreal’s metro map you likely don’t mind. You’re also in luck because, over the last 3 years, Montreal’s subway has been rolling with brand new modern wagons.

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