The 4 Most Beautiful Places Near Montreal For Hiking


We can say that spring has finally arrived in Quebec and the temperatures are very pleasant. The weather is therefore ideal for going out and doing many outdoor activities. We have already told you about the most beautiful parks and gardens not to be missed in Quebec here. Today we have listed the most beautiful places close to Montreal to go hiking, and you will not be disappointed!

1- Mont Saint-Sauveur

Located less than 80 km from Montreal, this mountain is known for its popular ski slopes in winter, but in the spring this mountain becomes a playground for hikers. It includes many more or less difficult hiking trails offering breathtaking panoramas. In addition, you will find a water park, ideal after a day of hiking!

mont saint sauveur

2- Mont Saint-Bruno

Even closer than Mont Saint-Sauveur, Mont Saint-Bruno is just 30 km from downtown Montreal. This mountain has a dozen trails in which you can discover all kinds of different plants and many species of birds that you can observe. In addition, you can lean against a lake for a break during your hike. Note that the mountain is not very high, if you are a beginner it is a perfect place to start your hiking sessions.

mont saint bruno

3- Mont-Rigaud

About 70 km southwest of Montreal, Mont-Rigaud offers exceptional panoramas on the plains surrounding the mountain as well as the forests surrounding Montreal. You can have a picnic in the middle of the mountain after finishing your hike. However, you will have to pay $ 2 to enter the park and $ 5 to park your car. The little extra, you can take your dog on condition that it is kept on a leash.

mont rigaud

4- Mont Sutton

Mont Sutton offers 80 km of trails. You can make your own itinerary and customize it each time. Mont Sutton is particularly known for its panorama at the top which will offer you a magnificent view, you can even camp at the top if you wish.

mont sutton

To finish…

Here are 4 beautiful mountains where you can go for physical activities and enjoy the magnificent views of the surroundings of Montreal. Do not hesitate to visit Trylon if you are in Montreal for cozy and all inclusive apartments.