5 Grocery Stores That Deliver to Montreal


Deliveries from grocery stores are not new to Quebec. However, the current situation related to COVID-19 makes us even more appreciative of the grocery store deliveries. In fact, more and more people will have to turn to this method in order to remain confined. We have made a list of 5 grocery stores that offer delivery without you leaving your home.

1- IGA

IGA grocery stores offer delivery to their customers. The costs associated with this service vary between $0 and $10 depending on the distance between you and the closest store. You also have to take into consideration $4 for assembly fees.

As for delivery times, these also depend on the IGA store in your neighbourhood. You can find out more on IGA’S website.

2- Provigo

Provigo offers the delivery of your groceries through InstaCart application. This app handles the delivery of different groceries in Montreal and it costs 7.5% of your total order before taxes.

On top of that fee, you’ll have to pay delivery charges from Provigo themselves. For orders less than $35, the associated fees are $7.99 for 2-hour delivery ($9.99 for a 1-hour delivery) while for orders over $35, the fees are $3.99 for 2-hour delivery ($5.99 for a 1-hour delivery). All this in regular hours between 9 am and 7 pm.

Please note that the minimum amount to access the delivery service is $10 and as a small bonus, your first delivery is free with InstaCart!

3- Costco

Delivery is free if the amount of your purchases exceeds $75, otherwise, it’s $3.

Furthermore, this service is offered in only 3 Costco grocery stores in the province, i.e. Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau.

The only downside about Costco’s delivery service is that it can take quite some time. You might have to wait 2 days if you placed an order before noon.

To learn more about Costco, check out our previous articles!

4- PA

The three PA supermarkets are located on Parc Avenue, rue du Fort and Laval (Laval Elysee Plaza).

Lucky for you, these 3 locations offer home delivery service. However, in order to place your order online and have it delivered, your shopping cart should be of at least $35 before taxes.

You’ll also have to count 7$ for orders under 50$, 5$ for orders under 100$ and 3,50$ for orders over 100$. Delivery times are from 10 am to 9 pm except for PA Samson (Laval) which opens between 11 am and 7 pm.

5- Metro 

To access deliveries from Épicerie Métro, you’ll need to order at least $50 worth of groceries before taxes. You’ll also have to count $8 as a delivery fee and $4 as an assembly fee.

Finally, you choose a two-hour time slot between 8 am and 10 pm (depending on their business hours) to get your groceries delivered.

What’s next?

We hope that this list of grocery stores that deliver in Montreal was useful to you. We know that the current situation can make it hard to go grocery shopping, getting your groceries delivered might be a good option!

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