Places in Your Apartment People Forget To Clean


Springtime is here! Which means it is time to clean! As most people do in this bright new season; to get their place ready for spring and then summertime; it’s the season for Spring cleaning. At Trylon Montreal we understand the importance of cleaning up and airing out your home after a long winter and have decided to help by putting together a list of 15 common places in households that people forget to clean occasionally!

15. Ceiling Fans

Especially because they are not used always used all year round, ceiling fans are sometimes forgotten during day-to-day cleaning. During the spring and summer you’re going to want to be able to circulate the air, so make sure to knock this quick and easy thing off your to-do list!

14. Door and Wall Trim

These are spaces that are not always remembered, but is somewhere that tends to collect a bunch of dust and dander! Giving them a little wipe with a clean cloth or even duster every few months can really help prevent extra dirt in the air!

13. Behind the Toilet

Toilet’s are always kind of a dirty job, and though nobody enjoys cleaning them, they need to be done monthly. However, when cleaning them, it’s a good idea to wipe the porcelain underneath the actual toilet and behind it as well! Usually hidden out of sight, this is a space very easy to forget; plus who wants to put their face that close to the toilet? However, every month or so, cleaning this spot out is a good idea!

12. To Clean on Top of the Refrigerator

The refrigerator should be awarded as one of the most common places to collect household junk! Us at Trylon tend to use the top of our fridge for collecting fliers and papers that we should probably be throwing in the garbage! Since our refrigerators tend to be higher up, the top surface of them can be hard to see. Remembering to clean the dust off once or twice a year is a good idea!

11. To Clean the Door Knobs

Door knobs are a germ collector that aren’t always remembered! Now that you’re thinking of it, you might be nodding your head, but door knobs aren’t a typical first thought when cleaning the house. Most of the time they’re something that are forgotten regularly. Think about it though, you use the door knob to go into every room in your house which means they are touched all of the time! Remembering to clean them every so often is a great idea to reduce transferring germs everywhere!

10. Behind the Couch

Depending where your couch is positioned in your living room, the couch could be a no-brainer or something that is totally forgotten! A common place for forgotten snacks, dirt, and dust to gather; under and behind the couch is an important place to clean out every couple of months. The air in your household will thank-you!

9. To Clean out the Silverware Drawer

A strange place to collect kitchen scraps, but the utensil drawer is a place that picks up extra junk and crumbs after prolonged use. A weird place to collect things, but take a look at your silverware drawer and we bet you’ll be surprised at what you find!

8. The Oven Drawer

To clean the oven drawer

With advancing technology and self-cleaning ovens, cleaning these originally difficult appliances have been made ever so easy! However, the self cleaning feature has not advanced far enough to clean the bottom drawer of your oven. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may or may not even use it, but this is a place that surprisingly catches a lot of dirt, hair, and crumbs the more you work in your kitchen. This can be a place that attracts mice, and is forgotten often! Next time you’re cleaning your kitchen, take a peak in your oven drawer! It probably needs a little wipeout!

7. Air Vent Grates

Remembering to clean air grates and radiators.

Depending on how your household is heated and cooled; air vents, heaters, and radiators can be metal spaces around your household. Since people don’t usually have a need to meddle with them, they can easily be forgotten. This eventually creates a dust buildup, then when the air is on in your home, the dust blows all over the place. A good step in cleaning every couple months would be to wipe those with a damp cloth, vacuum, or duster!

6. Under the Sink

Remembering to clean under the sink.

Oftentimes a place for cleaning supplies, garbage bags, and sometimes even the garbage itself. Underneath your kitchen and even bathroom sink can be a place that collects junk and can be forgotten about when it comes time to clean. Remembering to give them a little wipe or take out any unnecessary junk once or twice a year can be super beneficial to reduce a buildup of dust and clutter!

5. Around the Washing Machine

To clean around the washing machine.

We use our washing machine to clean our clothes, but sometimes we can forget that they should be cleaned as well! The inside of your dryer drum and even washing machine can collect lint, hair, and other things, especially when you have pets! On top of the machines ( especially with stacking machines) is a place that collects dust and laundry lint, and the sides over time get especially dusty. Remembering to give them a wipe a few times a year will really minimize the dust in the air of your household.

4. To Clean the Closet Floors

Walk in closet floors to clean.

Most families clean their floors at least once or twice a week. Even with just a simple mopping/vacuum system this cleans up the floors and makes spaces more presentable. However, a common place that is forgotten when it comes down to washing and vacuuming is the closet floors! Most of the time these floors are tucked away, and out of sight out of mind is a real problem. Remembering to clean out additional hair and dirt buildup that is otherwise forgotten is another thing to add to your regular cleaning list! 

3. To Clean Inside the Trash Bin

Woman taking out the kitchen trash.

Trash cans can be smelly, and of course are used to throw out garbage, but how long has it been since you’ve cleaned it out? It’s common for food waste to land on the edge of the garbage can or be left at the bottom which if left for too long, can rot and even mould. This one, despite being a gross job, is smart to add to your daily or weekly cleaning schedule to avoid any extra odours.

2. Light Fixtures

Room with fun light fixtures to clean!

High up and usually out of sight, light fixtures are forgotten most often when cleaning the house. These are just another thing in the household that collect a lot of dust that ends up floating around the air when fans are on or air conditioning units in the summer. Remembering to clean them off every couple months can really benefit the air in your household!

Inside of the Coffee Machine

Woman making a coffee in her coffee machine.

A common morning staple in most households, the coffee maker can be the make or break of your morning. However, even though it’s so vital to most of us, how long has it been since it has been cleaned? Even if only every few months, cleaning them like this HGTV article says, can help. Trust us, coffee is important and we need our machines working efficiently to start out days!

Everyone remembers to clean floors and things in sight, but there are places that are out of sight, we forget! Most of these things don’t take long, and can leave behind so much satisfaction after being done regularly! At Trylon Montreal, we want you to enjoy your household all season round! As the weather gets warmer and air conditioning turns on, dust gathers in the air and sometimes leads to allergies! Follow this list as your go about spring cleaning to help out! Plus if you’re looking to add some life to your household, check out this blog about the best houseplants to buy in your apartment!