Decorating On a Budget – Apartment Addition


Add some personal touches to your new space with Trylon's guide on how to decorate apartments on a budget!

Decorating on a budget! So you’ve made the decision on your very first apartment, congratulations! Now what? This is the best opportunity to add some personal flare to your living space! Don’t have much capital to spend? No problem! Here are some cost effective tricks to decorate on a budget for your first Trylon apartment.

1. Floating Shelves

Image taken from A Beautiful Mess

With the ability to buy different shapes and sizes, floating shelves can add significant depth to your living space. They also make for additional home storage! Big cabinets and shelving units can make smaller places look over crowded. Floating shelves however, make the room look more open which in turn gives off the illusion of a larger room. Plus its significantly cheaper to purchase floating shelves than it is to buy full shelving units. On a budget; you can get floating shelves which will give you space for decorations while making your space look much more open. It’s a double win!

2. Removable Tiles and Wallpaper

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In some apartments, landlords prefer for you to not alter the appearance of the space – a way you can add some easily removable flare to your apartment is to purchase removable tiles and wallpaper. Not only does this give you an opportunity to create a feature wall in your bedroom or living area; this can also add a fun flare to kitchen backsplash or bathroom tiles! You can use removable tiles on kitchen countertops to add personal touches to your kitchen – the design opportunities are endless. Then, when you’re ready to move away, simply peel the tiles off the wall and throw them away – the adhesive will simply detach and leave the wall as plain as it was prior to your arrival! The perfect trick to an apartment that doesn’t allow personal touches!

3. Decorating on a Budget – Throw Rugs

Whether your new space is carpeted or tiled, the floor space in a rental unit is usually untouchable. That doesn’t mean however, that you have to live with whatever your floor plan is; you still have cost efficient options. Throw rugs or area rugs are ways to be able to cover your floors to your own standards, warm your toes, or show off your style! Additionally, layering flooring adds depth to the space which looks sophisticated in appearance. For additional touches, layer a neutral area rug with an overlay rug with a touch of colour to add more personality to any room. Arranging the furniture around layered rugs makes for a cozy seating area too!

4. Out of Sight Apartment Storage

Clutter will make a small apartment appear even smaller, but there are things you can do to organize your space in a way that tucks things away without looking messy. One way to do so is to use awkward apartment features in your favour by turning useless nooks and crannies into interesting places to store items and accessories. A good rule of thumb is anything you don’t touch at least once a month, probably doesn’t have business cluttering up your apartment space. Reduce the clutter to make for a much cleaner looking living space. Another fun trick for hiding storage spaces is to place certain furniture at an angle or in a corner to cover a space to hide a few things that don’t necessarily look appealing at a glance. There are many ways to hide unorganized things in spaces that aren’t seen from a common eye. 

5. Decorating on a Budget – Mirrors

Mirror decor- decorating on a budget
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In smaller spaces, mirrors work wonders for decorative purposes! Adding a couple mirrors to a space provides a lot of depth which makes a room look significantly bigger. The way they reflect the light during the day makes a space look bigger and brighter. Hanging a large mirror in your apartment’s bedroom, dining area, entranceway, or living room across from a window will make it in a prime position to reflect light across your entire room and make the space much brighter and provide your room with plenty of natural lighting. It will make your space appear brighter, bigger, and probably brighten your mood too!

6. Changing Hardware on Doors and Furniture

Dresser Drawer handles - decorating on a budget
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A fun thing that many people don’t think about out of the gate, is to alter drawer handles and knobs to add a specific flare to a bedroom or living space. These things are simply screwed into the wood on furniture. They’re easy to move and replace, and there are a lot of hardware stores, places online, or even thrift stores that sell quirky handles and knobs; we’re convinced you’ll find something you like that can spice things up a bit! 

7. Decorating on a Budget – Plants

Apartment plants - decorating on a budget.
Apartment Houseplants

The last thing on our list that adds so much charm to any space is adding some greenery. Plants bring so much life to any room, and even without windows, it gives off the impression of brightness. The easiest options if you don’t have a green thumb is to purchase self-sufficient plants like cacti or succulents like aloe vera which boosts many health benefits plus they look nice and don’t require a lot of maintenance. You can also get all kinds of fun bowls and pots to suit your individual tastes. Most neighbourhoods have a local greenhouse or farmers market with many options that can add life to your home all of the time, and bright flowers seasonally. Find out more about the best houseplants for apartments here!

As you can see, there are multiple different options when it comes down to decorating your new apartment to your own specifications both on a budget, and in a way that you don’t have to waste money somewhere that you don’t plan to stay forever. It’s always kind of a disappointment when you paint and fix things in a space that won’t always be yours, but it can still be fun to add your own touches that really make any house feel like home. That’s the ultimate goal; find somewhere that you will constantly be satisfied, comfortable, and can enjoy for an extended period of time. Moving on a budget isn’t fun, but these tricks from Trylon Apartments can help make your new home a place you’d like to stay for a while.