7 Benefits to Apartment Living You Need to know


We might be biased but we think you should live in a Trylon apartment. Here are 7 reasons why...

Trylon apartment living definitely has it’s perks. Who wouldn’t want to live right at the heart of a vibrant city like Montreal?

In case you’re not completely sold on apartment living yet, here are 7 benefits to consider…

1. The Amenities

apartment living amenities

One of the major benefits to apartment living has to be the amenities. How many houses in Montreal come complete with a roof deck, indoor heated pool, gym and sauna? Not to mention communal working areas and hang out spaces. Well, our Pine Avenue and Sainte Famille apartments do!

2. Major Cost-savings

Aside from rent and utilities (which are cheaper in a smaller space anyway), there’s nothing else to pay. There’s no expensive mortgage, down-payments, property tax, or ongoing maintenance costs that you’d get from living in a house.

Pay your bills and just sit back and enjoy that extra disposable income thanks to apartment living ???.

3. Less responsibilities

The reason there are no maintenance costs to pay is that there’s no maintenance – at least not for you. If anything goes wrong with appliances, electrics, plumbing etc then it’s not your problem. That virtually full-time Canadian job of snow-clearing? Not your problem either.

Aside from cleaning up after yourself and maybe washing your bed sheets once in a while, there’s really very little you need to do to your apartment.

4. Instant Community

Canadians are known to be a friendly bunch, but whether you’re moving to Montreal from another country, another province or even just another part of the city it can still get a bit lonely.

Living in an apartment building gives you instant access to a community of people. You’ll bump into each other in the elevator or swimming laps of the indoor pool and be popping round for drinks in no-time.

5. Location

apartment living perk : location

All of the Trylon apartments are located in some of the most sought-after locations in Montreal. Apartment living offers access to prime real estate in the heart of the city, right where the action is. You can stumble out of the bars on Crescent Street and be in bed within 20 minutes and that’s on foot, it’s much faster on four wheels! (Just stick to public transport if you’ve had a few.)

6. Ease of living

Apartment living offers an ease of living you can’t get from a house. First of all, the shorter-term leases mean you can up and go when you like (although obviously, we hope you’ll stay!), while the smaller floor plan means less time cleaning and more time exploring the city.

Having fewer rooms to furnish saves you money, and if you pick one of our fully-furnished apartments you won’t have to worry about that at all!

If you’re worried about not being able to put your own spin on your apartment, check out our lease-friendly decorating hacks post.

7. Safety

Safety can be a big concern for people, especially if you’re living alone in the city. Trylon apartments come complete with security and manned reception desks so safety isn’t something you have to worry about here.

The only way to know for sure if apartment living is right for you is to try it. Enquire about one of our Montreal apartments today.