5 Places to Pick Your Own Fruit Near Montreal


The fruit season has finally arrived in Quebec, and what could be better than going to harvest your own fruits and taste them? Self-picking is an entertaining activity to do with family or friends and at the same time discover new places in Quebec. Here are 5 places to pick strawberries or blueberries this summer.

1- Potager Eardley

This vegetable garden located in Gatineau opened on June 5 and brings together many entertaining activities. You will already have the opportunity to pick lots of berries such as blueberries, raspberries or even strawberries in summer and pumpkins in autumn. In addition to that, the vegetable garden consists of a mini farm and play areas for the youngest. Even enjoy tasting the kombucha made on site.

Potager Eardley

2- Bleuetière Marland

This Beauce farm is not far from Quebec you can pick blueberries, raspberries as well as camerises, a fruit between a blueberry and a raspberry. If you are curious to taste it, this is where you can pick it. At the end of your picking day you can enjoy a pizza made on site in the farm restaurant.

Bleuetière Marland

3- Ferme Marineau

The farm is located very close to Montreal, in Laval. No need to take your car if it does not tempt you, the farm is accessible by public transport. There, you can pick your own strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Also, you can take your meal and picnic on the picnic areas available to you.

Ferme Marineau

4- Ferme Éthier

This farm located near Trois-Rivières offers picking for many fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, blueberries, strawberries, Saskatoon berries and even pumpkins and garlic. After your picking, you can enjoy the picnic area and observe the farm animals. Ideal for a sunny day activity.

Ferme Éthier

5- Bleuetière Saint-Thomas

This blueberry field, 1 hour from Montreal on the Ontario border, is a blueberry and raspberry paradise. It will only open from mid-July and you will have the opportunity to buy and taste their homemade products.

Bleuetière Saint-Thomas

To finish…

What could be better than going outdoors while having picked up your own fruit? Take advantage of this list to get a little itinerary of Quebec farms to visit to pick up your fruits and vegetables. Do not hesitate to visit Trylon if you are in Montreal for cozy and all inclusive apartments.